Garoua, Kamerun: Promoting poultry production

Deworming of a domestic chicken in Kamerun (Photo: Clausen)

In November 2018, two experts from Invelco flew to Cameroon to provide a needs assessment for veterinary diagnostics and poultry diseases. In the selected pilot regions of Garoua and Ngaoundéré, we examined how diagnostics and poultry diseases present themselves locally and how different the production levels are.

In 2020, we will provide expert opinions on the results of the 2019 survey report in the implementation in Cameroon. For the time being, the work will be digital in times of the Corona pandemic. Scientific results and operational planning currently precede the decisive field days.

A comparable epidemic situation in poultry farming is present in Benin. Especially here, the majority of poultry is still traditionally kept in the “backyard”. Various vaccination programs in the past have not yet been successful. Here, too, experts from InVeLCo will develop proposals for diagnostics, control and hygiene and, in cooperation with the local health services, will accompany the implementation.

Vaccination of a domestic chicken with a live vaccine against Newcastle (Photo: Clausen)